*~*King Kumanan*~*

Pon Anaiyal
Appoothi Adigal
King Kumanan


King Kumanan was loved by everyone.He always helped the poor and gave whatever his subjects wanted. Such was his kindness and dedication .The king had a brother named Amanan.

He was irresponsible as well as a cruel person. As the king continued to help the poor , Amanan Ďs friends became worried that there wouldnít be anything left for Amanan and them to enjoy life with.Therefore they poisoned Amananís mind to get his half of the kingdom .

Amanan then told his brother of wanting his part of the kingdom.Amanan warned that if he leaves his brother to go on doing charity work soon their wealth will run out and he did not want to take a chance.King Kumanan could not do anything but agree to his brotherís request.

After getting his half of the kingdom , Amanan started spending it away .He didnít tend to his subjects need neither did he care much .There were much cruelty in his ruling , he ill treated the poor especially the farmers that at one point he forbid them to plant rice. The business should be run by rich merchants only and there were no place for the poor for advancement.This had seriously caused economically problem and growth in Amananís ruling.Due to this , starvation gripped the poorís and there were not much of anything of everything in his kingdom.

To regain back his wealth and power (which he had already lost)he seeked his brotherís help.He asked King Kumanan the other half of the kingdom.The king who was a kind-hearted soul who never said ďNOĒ to anyone agreed. But alas, as soon as Amanan got that half too, he ordered King Kumanan to leave his kingdom.He felt that King Kumananís presence would threaten his position as King.The king , left all his belongings in the palace. He wore a yellow robe and left to the jungle.

After a few months , King Amanan left a notice saying whoever could bring King Kumananís head would be richly rewarded. One day , a poet when into the jungle to get inspiration .He was surprise to see the king there. They knew each other because the poet was a frequent visitor to the palace and have recited so many beautiful poems in honour of the king. When the poet saw the king, he immediately started reciting poem to the king.The king was so happy but was sad that he hasnít any gift to offer the poet.Then suddenly the king remembered and said ď I heard that my brother Amanan have set a price for my head.I would like you to take the reward.Ē The poet left the king and promised that he will be back another day to take his reward.

On his way to the palace, the poet cut some wood ,made it in a shape of a head and painted it.When he reached the palace,he showed Amanan the head and claimed that it was King Kumananís head.Amanan believed the poet and was furious.He got angry and accused the poet as a murderer .King Amanan felt very sad and regretted for his foolish behavior all this while.

The day came that he felt that Kingís Kumanan Ďs death was all because of him and left the kingdom to live in the jungle. There he came face to face with his brother and begged for forgiveness for all his wrong doings.King Kumanan then told him of the poetís trick.He begged the king to return and claim the throne once again.He felt there was no better king to rule then King Kumanan himself.Since then ,Amanan helped his brother,Kumanan to rule the kingdom wisely.

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